The environment is the cornerstone of your experience at Dromquinna Manor

The environment we work in and you will enjoy is the cornerstone of your experience at Dromquinna Manor. The Estate is blessed with a plantation of specimen trees dating from the 1800s. With the tepid waters of Kenmare Bay on our shores we are continually aware of our responsibilities to the environment and the habitat we inherited. The Hardwoods is a project we are spearheading that ensures the future planting of the Estate. Also in our daily activities we are using renewable energy, biodegradable toiletries, recyclable plastics and a waste management system that minimises our footprint.

Seventy-five percent of the produce featured on our menus is produced and supplied by small independent operators within a 10 mile radius, reducing our delivery carbon footprint and creating sustainable employment in the local area.

All our electricity is supplied by wind farms located only 20km from Dromquinna Manor.

All our water is supplied by deep wells onsite thus eliminating our need for local services.

Our waste water is all treated onsite using the most efficient and environmentally friendly systems resulting in the purest of water going to ground.